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Safety and instructions

The straps are rated for a maximum of 45lbs. Remember to fully secure the hook to the wall. If you use the tab, then make sure it is properly secured.

Do not use this device to secure any living creature.

Do not use this device to secure anything over any living person's head or body at anytime!

Sunlight, chemicals and over usage can deteriate the device. This can cause the device to fail.

When hanging tools or objects using this device make sure all children, small creatures, important objects, and feet are not directly under the device.

The Cinch Strap is only as strong as its anchor point. Make sure if you are attaching the device to drywall that you secure the hook into the center of a stud.

RJLOCKDOWN, LLC is not responsable of any damages, injuries or death in the use of this product. We are not held liable for failure due to damage, overuse, or alterations made to this device.

RJ Cinch Strap

  • RJ Cinch StrapThe Cinch Strap is a great tool for organizing a shop, garage, or work truck. This strap does not only hold a tool, it secures it. Cords on tools usually have to be secured separately from the device that holds the tool, like a wire tie. This secures the tools as well as the cord.
  • RJ Cinch Strap used on a Plywood Wall. When using this device on a plywood wall you can secure heavy objects such as: Car Jacks, Compound Mitre Saws or a Cut Off Saw. These tools normaly could not be stored on a wall. Yes, you can store them on a self but it takes up lots of valuble space!
  • Car jacks and Stands
  • Colis of wire or Cables
  • Weed Eaters
  • Almost any tool in your shop
  • Hanging shovels from the handel
  • Post hole digger
  • Padels for a boat. To prevent warping.
  • Tool boxes. (Nail gun, Socket sets)